Max Keiser talks to Mitch Feierstein of about the non-stop money printing in the United States and the new “financial type” of oligarchy.

“We’ve got a disorganized government. We’ve got Janet Yellen, who’s a life-time Federal Reserve employee – almost 20 years at Fed,” Feierstein says, adding: “Now she is the treasury secretary. She was given almost $8 million in funds from biggest banks and corporations in ‘speaking fees,’ which were nothing more than legalized kick-backs.”

He goes on, explaining that all of those banks put Yellen into this position. She is there “for the banks, for the corporations, not for the people.” Her policies have caused the greatest wealth inequality in history, Feierstein says. “And this economic mess that we’re in is going to cause the biggest financial crisis and disaster to come.”

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Source: RT

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