Weighing in on sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden, US President Donald Trump said he knows all about being falsely accused and urged his Democrat rival to address them publicly, as mainstream media mostly kept silent.

Biden, who locked down the Democratic presidential nomination earlier this month, has been accused of sexual assault on his Senate staffer Tara Reade back in 1993. While both Biden and most mainstream media outlets have been happy to ignore the allegations, additional revelations bolstering Reade’s case in recent days have made that difficult.

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Asked about the claims during a White House event on Thursday, Trump urged Biden to respond to Reade.

“I think he should respond, it could be false accusations,” he told reporters. “I know all about false accusations. I’ve been falsely charged numerous times, and there is such a thing.”

But I don’t know, I can’t speak for Biden, I can only say that I think he should respond, I think he should answer them.

The president then brought up Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, whose confirmation in 2018 was almost derailed by claims of sexual assault eagerly embraced by Democrats and the media, in marked contrast to their silence when Biden is concerned.

“He was falsely charged. What happened with him is an absolute disgrace to our country,” Trump said, referring to Kavanaugh. “This is a fine man. I saw a man suffering so unfairly.”

Reade – a Democrat herself – has come forward with a more detailed and corroborated claim than Kavanaugh’s accuser Christine Blasey-Ford, but while Democrats back then insisted the Supreme Court nominee was guilty until proven innocent and all women should always be believed, they suddenly remembered due process when it came to Biden.

Earlier in the day, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) addressed the allegations by saying “Joe Biden is Joe Biden” and calling Barack Obama’s vice-president the “personification of hope and optimism and authenticity for our country — a person of great values.”

Meanwhile, MSNBC host Chris Hayes was treated like a heretic and faced a torrent of abuse and calls for his firing, for merely mentioning the allegations on his show.

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In saying Biden ought to respond to the charges, Trump may have been aware that his rival has already scheduled an appearance with a friendly outlet to do just that. He will be interviewed on Friday morning on NBC, by ‘Morning Joe’ Scarborough and his wife Mika, both outspoken Trump foes.

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