The Russian writer, politician and Soviet-era dissident Eduard Limonov has died at 77. His autobiographical novel ‘It’s me, Eddie’ scandalized Russia when published in the country in 1991, selling over a million copies.

His death was announced by State Duma (national parliament) deputy and chief editor of ‘Yunost’ magazine Sergei Shargunov. His assistant Dmitry Sidorenko subsequently confirmed it to Moscow daily RBK. He didn’t specify a cause of death but said it happened on Tuesday.

FILE PHOTO. Limonov, the leader of The Other Russia party, attends a rally in Moscow, August 2013

© Reuters / Sergei Karpukhin

FILE PHOTO. Eduard Limonov submitted the new book “Grandfather”, September 2014

© Global Look Press / Zamir Usmanov/Russian Look

Source: RT

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