A fire reportedly caused by New Year’s Eve fireworks burnt down the monkey house at a zoo in Germany, killing all of the chimpanzees, orangutans and gorillas inside. More than 30 animals died in the horrific blaze.

Krefeld Zoo announced that it had suffered an “unfathomable tragedy” on New Year’s Eve, after its monkey sanctuary “burned down to the foundation.” Fruit bats and birds were also killed in the accident, according to media reports.

The zoo confirmed that there were no survivors in the ape house, but said the nearby exhibit – which houses a gorilla and his family – escaped unscathed.

A Ruptly video shows firefighters rushing toward the building as flames engulf what remains of the structure. With the fire extinguished, an emergency worker can be seen peering into the sanctuary’s charred remains, perhaps in hopes of finding a furry survivor.

The zoo thanked the public for the support it had received, but said it was “still in shock” and “cannot yet say exactly if and where help is needed.”

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Source: RT

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