Junior gymnast Vladislava Urazova stole the show at the Russian Cup in Penza, winning four medals and establishing herself as the number-one contender to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Games, where she dreams of facing Simone Biles.

The 15-year-old rising Russian star who triumphed at the junior world championship earlier this year extended her winning streak by claiming the all-around and floor titles at the Russian trials, where she ousted the team’s long-time leader and Olympic silver medalist Angelina Melnikova.

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Urazova recorded a stunning performance during a two-day all-around event, showing off brilliant routines on all four apparatuses.

Having nailed all her programs without any noticeable mistakes, the talented junior posted the highest all-around sum of 114,365, beating Melnikova by almost five points.

She added one more gold to her name by winning the women’s floor final, in which she was the sole gymnast to overcome a 14-point barrier.

Urazova’s flawless pivots and spins on the beam and floor prompted her fans to dub her the “queen of pivots,” as she charmed the crowd with her pencil-straight lines and elegant moves.

The gymnast, who is not yet age-eligible to compete at international senior events, will be allowed to take part in the Tokyo Olympics next year, where she hopes to compete against the seemingly unbeatable US legend, Simone Biles.

I dream of Tokyo 2020,” she said, “It’s my biggest dream, I want to perform there, to [win a] medal, [and] to win [against] one American girl, Simone Biles,” she added.

Source: RT

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