Ecuadorian government agreed to terminate Executive Decree 883 that canceled fuel subsidies and prompted protests throughout the county for 11 days. Indigenous groups that led the rallies consented to stopping the mobilization.

The negotiations brokered by UN started as the country’s capital Quito started to remind more of a war zone after protests and clashes with police. President Lenin Moreno even left the capital for a short while moving the government as protesters ransacked administrative buildings.

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The parties agreed to create a commission to develop a new decree repealing the one that caused the discontent. 

President Moreno said that the agreement included “sacrifices from each of the parties.” 

The president of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE), Jaime Vargas, said that anti-government mobilizations would be lifted throughout the territory. Yet he criticized the police and the military for their actions against the demonstrators calling them “violation of human rights” and called for the removal of the Ministers of Interior and Defense. He claimed that  more than 10 people were killed and some 2000 injured during the riots. 


Source: RT

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